Head 2 Tho Tanning FAQ’s

Q: What form of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, check and credit cards.

Q: My teenager would like to get a tan, do you tan teenagers?
A: Yes! Our policy for minors (under 18 years old), requires a written consent form to be signed and completed prior to the tan. Also, a parent or other family member must be present during the tanning session.

Q: How do I prepare for my customized airbrush tan?
A: Avoid bar soap as it leaves undetected patches on your skin. We recommend to exfoliate with our “Natural Scrub” prior to your appointment to remove all loose and dead skin cells.

Q: What should I wear during my spray tan?
A: You can wear whatever you’re comfortable with: For women, a swimsuit or underwear for tan lines, or if you feel comfortable going naked. Disposable undergarments are available upon prior request. State Law requires men that are spray tanning to leave their undergarments on.

Q: What should I wear after my spray tan?
A: Loose fitting clothing, flip flops are recommended. Please NO jeans as they cause exfoliation. 
Avoid tight clothing, bras, elastic, tops with straps, buckles, belts.

Q: How long does the custom spray tan session take?
A: It’s a quick process which is about 15-20 mins, that includes drying.

Q: When will the color show up?
A: You will get instant results; the cosmetic bronzers will immediately show on your skin and reach its darkest potential after 8 hours of leaving it on.

Q: How long will my custom airbrush tan last?
A: Between 7-14 days with proper care but can be more or less depending on your skin type. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized with lotion will also help your tan last longer and fade more naturally.

Q: Will the solution stain my sheets etc?
A: No. The bronzers in our solution can get on clothes and sheets but will wash out. It may stay stain silk, nylon or spandex.

Q: Is spray tanning solution safe for my skin?
A: YES. Our solution is made from DHA (a sugar derivative), organic and natural ingredients. It is approved by the FDA to be externally applied on the skin. We also added other great ingredients like aloe vera, Matrixil 3000, green tea extract, and vitamins to nourish and moisturize the skin. DHA has been used cosmetically for over 30 years with no adverse effects.

Q: Can I get an airbrush tan if I am pregnant?
A: We advise you to consult with your physician first. However, most of our clients are comfortable being airbrushed after their first trimester.

Q: How can I protect my spray tan?
A: Avoid activities that will cause you to perspire or sweat. Avoid water until you have showered, after 8 hours.

Q: What if I want to get a tan a week later but have my remaining tan on?
A: If you have your remaining spray tan on you, you can either scrub it off, or we can spray over it if it has faded nicely.

Q: Where does the tanning take place?
A:The tanning takes place at our location.

Q: What can I use to moisturize my skin for my spray tan?
A: Always moisturize at least twice a day and after every shower to keep your skin and tan soft and hydrated. Avoid petroleum-based products such as baby oil and Vaseline or lotions with petroleum, mineral oil, and parabens. Avoid products that include Alpha Hydroxy Acids. This is a drying agent and will fade your tan quickly. We also offer a hydrating tanning extender lotion (Love My Tan) with our own DHA!

Q: Do you use just one color on everyone?
A:No. One color does not fit all. We will do a consultation with you first to see what color you are wanting to achieve. We carry our exclusive blend of tanning solution with different levels of DHA in it. This is how we customize the perfect tan for your skin type!

Q: Does Head 2 Tho Airbrush Tanning do “same day appointments?”
A: Yes we do based on availability. We are pretty flexible and will always try fit you into our schedule.