Tanning Tips

Our Tanning Tips

Did you know that tanning is our body’s natural defense against sunburns? It’s what our bodies are designed to do but going from a body deprived of sun to a gorgeous natural tan is not always plausible. So my clients ask me how to tan, I focus and educate on smart tanning or tanning 2.0 – spray tanning.

The best way to tan is the way to never get burned!

I am an expert tanning professional and you can ask me anything about indoor tanning equipment without concern. I use a process called skin typing to figure out what category your skin falls under to determine the equipment and lotions that will truly work best for you.


  • Please shave / wax minimum one day before your tanning session.
  • EXFOLIATE as much as possible. This will help promote an even lasting tan.
  • Avoid wearing makeup, body lotion, moisturizers, perfume, DEODORANT to your appointment, as this acts as a barrier to your spray and stops the color from developing properly. Spray tanning over deodorant can result in a green ring around the armpit and it is difficult to remove.
  • Please ARRIVE wearing old dark LOOSE fitting clothing for after your tan. NO jeans, tight fitting clothes, tank tops, dress with straps. NOTE: Tight fitting clothes will cause your tan to make marks. The DHA solution will completely wash out of cotton. It will NOT wash out of synthetic, silk, nylon, leather or suede.
  • If you are pregnant consult with your physician prior to tanning with solution containing DHA.


  • Do not workout or shower for at least 8 hours after application. Sweat can cause a natural reaction that result in poor color and uneven tanning. Rapid tan: Allow 2-4 hours before showering.
  • After your first shower, moisturize using paraben – free lotion at least twice a day for one week to ensure an even and lasting organic spray tan.
  • Avoid chlorinated jacuzzi, saunas, and stream rooms as this will cause your tan to look blotchy.
  • Recommend warm short showers and avoid baths.
  • Avoid using Scrubs and scented body wash.
  • When showering use a moisturizing body wash product to help keep skin moist. Any mild shower gel will work. Avoid any hard scrubbing or exfoliation in shower, that will remove or lighten the tan. Pat the sky dry, do not rub.